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Super Lotto Plus

Super Lotto Plus is one of the oldest lottery draws in the US and it has been operating since November 1984 as the main draw of the California Lottery.

Originally it was created as a scratchcard game, however in October 1986 the new type of game was introduced for players all over California State, which gave a an opportunity to win a multi-million prize to anyone who matches the California Winning Numbers.

Super Lotto Plus is considered to be the ¬†favorite lottery draw played in California. In this popular draw you must pick 5 main numbers between 1 and 47 and an additional number – the “Mega Number” in the range of 1-27. ¬†If you are lucky enough to match all five main numbers plus the additional Mega Number you will win the main Super Lotto Plus jackpot. There are prizes in the Super Lotto Plus for matching anything from just the Mega Number right up to 5 main numbers and the bonus.

California Super Lotto Plus Odds

The Odds of winning in the California Super Lotto Plus draw are as follows:

5 Main + Mega Number 1:41,416,353
5 Main 1:1,592,937
4 Main + Mega Number 1:197,221
4 Main 1:7,585
3 Main + Mega Number 1:4,810
3 Main 1:185
2 Main + Mega Number 1:361
1 Main + Mega Number 1:74
Mega Number only 1:49

The overall odds of winning a prize in the California Super Lotto Plus draw are 1:23

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